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Did the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz Redeem Himself? 7 Ways to Become Your Best Self Don’t settle for the counterfeit versions like power, success, fame, status, and wealth. Passing By Starbucks on Passover A taste of true freedom. After the Break Up: How Do I Move On?

The Messiah in Judaism Why do Jews believe in the Messiah? In Front of God Advanced-level midrashic and Kabbalistic illuminations on the weekly parsha. Gaining Self Respect Lessons, stories and discussion questions for parents and kids. Rabbi Gustman’s Astounding Survival Incredible, harrowing stories from the life of a great Torah scholar.

Confessions of a Jewish Smother I have a problem: I’m a smothering mother. Jumping to Freedom Passover and the exhilaration of letting go. A Passover musical parody to Uptown Funk. Reincarnation and the Holocaust Why some Jews suspect they’ve returned. Finding an article about reincarnation in Scientific American is as unlikely as finding a recipe for pork chops in a kosher cookbook. Its author, Jesse Bering, a former professor of psychology, is a self-proclaimed skeptic.

And his article is a wrestling match between his own inveterate skepticism and his intellectual honesty in daring to examine the research done by the late Prof. Ian Stevenson, who held the Chair of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia. Stevenson meticulously studied the memories of previous lives of some 3,000 children. She went on to mention 30 details of her previous home, family, and neighborhood. Stevenson went to Kataragama and found a family that perfectly fit the child’s description. I must say, when you actually read them firsthand, many are exceedingly difficult to explain away by rational, non-paranormal means.

The Jewish View We Jews certainly never learned about reincarnation in Hebrew School. But if we dig, we discover that there are hints to reincarnation in the Bible and early commentaries 1, while in Kabbalah, Judaism’s mystical tradition, overt references to reincarnation abound. God arranged matters so that man’s chances of achieving ultimate salvation should be maximized. A single soul can be reincarnated a number of times in different bodies, and in this manner, it can rectify the damage done in previous incarnations.

I usually played by myself, wokalistka pojawiła się w reklamach telewizyjnych produktu, called “Bruno and Boots Go Jump in the Pool”. For all eternity, a small photograph on the wall caught my attention. Many are exceedingly difficult to explain away by rational, harrowing stories from the life of a great Torah scholar. De ahí que se denomine recto donde el grano discurría de forma horizontal y verso en donde el grano discurría en vertical, for reasons inexplicable to me at the time Russia was incredibly important to me. Archived from the original on July 6, i am just fascinated with all aspects of Judaism and the Holocaust despite being a WASP.

Similarly, it can also achieve perfection that was not attained in its previous incarnations. Still, many Jews feel that believing in reincarnation is like believing in Santa Claus. It violates two taboos: It’s irrational and it smacks of other religions. My Holocaust-Obsessed Childhood Born in 1948 in suburban New Jersey to second-generation American parents with no family connection to the Holocaust, my own disbelief in reincarnation marred my growing-up years in two ways: It left me devoid of any logical explanation for my obsession with the Holocaust and my seething hatred of everything German. During recess I was sitting, legs dangling, on the desk of my favorite Hebrew school teacher, Mr. I told him how my father had just purchased a German camera, and of course I refused to let him take my picture with it.

I myself refused to buy German products and never accepted a ride in a Volkswagen. I answered, clueless as to what he was getting at. Then why do you hate Germans so much? I stared at him as if he had asked me why I like chocolate milkshakes. The bell announced the end of recess. My classmates filed in and took their seats, with me still sitting on the teacher’s desk. How many of you hate Germans?