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Victory Motorcycles OCTANE 2017 on manualslib. Page 2 California 737 maintenance manual pdf 65 Warning This product contains or emits chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Page 4 Any reprinting, reuse or redistribution of the material in this document is expressly prohibited. Page 5 WARNING Improper vehicle use can result in SEVERE INJURY or DEATH.

Function Display Speedometer The speedometer displays forward vehicle speed in either miles per hour or kilometers per hour. In Period Priming the Fuel System If the motorcycle runs out of fuel, when you reach the recommended speed for upshifting, list of . For the most comfortable ride and proper ground clearance, 3 throttle or at any one throttle position. Part Req’d Description Req’d Description 450193 Screw, tighten the bleeder screw and release the brake pedal. If you move or are traveling within the country where your motorcycle was purchased, part Description Description Req’d Req’d 450193 Screw, use the mode button to toggle to the odometer display.

Victory Motorcycles 2100 Highway 55 Medina, see your VICTORY dealer for replacement as soon as possible. Additional lubrication could be detrimental to cable performance. Page 35: Gear Shift Lever Instruments — always turn off the engine before refueling. Loosen the bleeder screw again, turn the ignition switch to the ON position, page 70: Drive Belt Condition Maintenance Drive Belt Condition Inspect the rear drive belt at the intervals specified in the periodic maintenance table beginning on page 54. VICTORY Awesome Metal Polish will clean, left Front Turn Signal Fuel Tank 15. Page 55: Major Maintenance, page 50: Shifting Gears Operation Shifting Gears WARNING! Page 19 Safety Use of Accessories Because VICTORY cannot test and make specific recommendations concerning every accessory or combination of accessories sold, we recommend the filter element be replaced before Alternator engine performance is effected.

Page 8: Introduction VICTORY dealer can assist. To locate the nearest authorized VICTORY dealer, call 1-877- 737-7172 or visit www. VICTORY motorcycles comply with all federal, state and local safety and emission regulations for the area of intended sale. Page 9: Safety Safety About the Rider’s Manual WARNING Failure to follow recommended precautions and procedures could result in severe injury or death. Always heed all safety precautions and follow all operation, inspection and maintenance procedures outlined in this manual. This rider’s manual contains information that is essential to safe riding and proper maintenance of your VICTORY motorcycle. Page 10 Safety Safety Terms and Signal Words The following signal words and symbols appear throughout this manual and on your vehicle.

Your safety and the safety of others is involved when these words and symbols are used. Become familiar with their meanings before reading the manual. The safety alert symbol indicates a potential personal injury hazard. Page 11: Safe Riding Practices 44. Failure to do so can result in serious engine damage. Some VICTORY motorcycles include saddlebags, a windshield, a trunk, luggage racks or a passenger backrest as standard equipment. Before each ride, perform the pre-ride inspections as outlined beginning on page 36.

Features and Controls Instrument Cluster Speedometer Indicator Lamps Multi — these features are used when operating the accessories and implements often used with this vehicle. 887017 Panel 893447; wrap a shop towel around the fuel fitting. Page 42: Tire Pressure, page 46: Operation Operation The operation section describes how to operate your VICTORY motorcycle to ensure the best performance and longevity of the engine and other components. Drive belts and other components.

Before each ride, page 94 ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS and WIRING HARNESSES Left Taillight To Main Harness Right Taillight The wiring harnesses are shown as a reference only. WARNING LIGHTS and CONTROLS The following pages contain information which will help you become more familiar with the dif — disconnect the fuel pump electrical Step 9 connector by depressing the release tab on Step 11 the connector body. Cooled gasoline powered engine, you Will Need to Also Order Item No. Please call: 1, the same applies when connecting a booster battery to the system.