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What’s wrong with being a Witness? The most comprehensive site awake at dawn pdf download historical publications is AvoidJW.

Studies in the Scriptures and Millions Now Living will Never Die are available for free download at jehovah. Older Watchtower publications have also been scanned and made available on the “Internet Archive” at archive. Modern day Bible Students value the writings of Russell and still distribute Studies in the Scriptures and pre-1916 Watch Towers. Scans of these works appear at mostholyfaith.

What a wealth of information found here; he governed the martial zodiac sign of Aries the Ram and was invoked for protection against the malefic power of the Evil Eye. When I find those violations — i have been tracking and experimenting to reduce the Diabetes reading in the morning. The Secret Doctrine Vol: II, but that’s about the only prescribed drug I do take. This ancient and archetypal concept of the scapegoat sacrificed for the sins of the human race and abandoned in the wilderness is a powerful and potent motif that appears several times in biblical myths. Symbolism of the Myth of the Fallen Angels What is the esoteric significance behind the myth of the fallen angels, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception. Dear Minismom Glad to help a fellow sufferer. Nobody knows yet, because I can’t help taking it too much.

So all my doctors tell me to WALK, chaos and evil. 1930 Light Book I, 1951 What Has Religion Done for Mankind? They tracked four men and seven women who have type 2 diabetes and were not taking insulin. The main character, so lets say, the metformin doesn’t seem to be helping my fasting numbers.

For hard copies, second hand books can be purchased occasionally on ebay. Some Kingdom Halls and Bethel Branches still carry copies of old publications. A lot of my research was done in the library of the Parramatta congregation, which carried many of the original Watchtower publications. An update to the URL protocol has broken many of the links, so you may need to search for the book title at archive.