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Photo, Interests, Affiliation, Positions, Education, Honors, Publications, Presentations, Teaching, Grants, Awards, Service. Mathematical and computer modeling of materials science. Mathematical fracture mechanics and free discontinuity problems. The civil engineering thesis proposals pdf carries a teaching load of 13 hours per week.

Research: Conducting research on shape optimization and numerical analysis of integro-partial differential equations. Teaching: According to the required teaching load of 13 hours per week, I am continuously teaching lectures, discussion and lab sections, and seminars. For a complete list, use the following link to the section Teaching Experience. My teaching duties also include advising students on their theses and giving oral exams.

Refereed manuscripts for Discrete Mathematics, Mathematics of Computation, Pure and Applied Functional Analysis, and The Open Mechanics Journal. Research within the applied project Numerical Simulation and Control of Sublimation Growth of Semiconductor Bulk Single Crystals. Also conducted research on mathematical modeling of brittle fracture using energy functional minimization. Taught class on Optimal Control of Partial Differential Equations at the Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, Department of Mathematics. Created lecture notes, devised and graded excercises, devised and conducted final oral exams. Based at IMA, Minneapolis, MN, USA. Determining propensity for failure in ceramics structures using integral, energy-based criteria.

Conducted research in collaboration with WIAS: Numerical analysis and simulation of stationary and transient nonlinear heat transfer including diffuse-gray radiative heat transfer between cavity surfaces: Convergence of a finite volume scheme in the transient case. Control-constrained optimal control in the stationary case. Participated in the IMA Annual Program Mathematics of Materials and Macromolecules: Multiple Scales, Disorder, and Singularities, September 2004 – June 2005, in particular in the program workshops Mathematics of Materials, Modeling of Soft Matter, Singularities in Materials, Future Challenges in Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, and New Paradigms in Computation. Mass Transfer and for the Journal of Fluids Engineering. Refereed application for funding submitted to the U. Member of the research group Partial Differential Equations and Variational Equations. Research within the applied project Numerical Simulation and Control of Sublimation Growth of SiC Bulk Single Crystals.

Christian Meyer: optimization, Jürgen Schefter: GUI, Dr. Contributed to successful proposals for the first two grants listed under Funding below. Created and maintained websites for internet presentation of project. Jürgen Sprekels on Functional Analysis and on Linear Partial Differential Equations.

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