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Young boy in blue shirt holding large fish. A close up deer valley map pdf white eggs stacked in a bowl with other white eggs. Egg prices have skyrocketed since March 2017.

A group of more than a dozen people in hard hats break ground with shovels. Click here to get real-time weather reports during planting season. Can Fragrant Plants Help Repel Insects? Mississippi State University is an equal opportunity institution. 2016 Mississippi State University Extension Service. Custom Meat Processing Whether it’s beef, hogs, goats, lambs, buffalo, or beefalo, the fun for Arkansans is hunting and eating, not butchering quarry. At Cypress Valley Meat Company, we have over 15 years experience dressing, butchering and processing livestock into sausage, steaks, and other products.

Custom meat processing is what we do best. The Art of Custom Meat Processing Custom meat processing is complicated. Separating the meat from the bone is a process that’s very specific to your quarry’s precise anatomy. Practice really does make perfect here.

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At Cypress Valley Meat Company, we’ve processed thousands of head livestock, which means we know how to cut the steaks, roasts and ribs the right way to maximize flavor and tenderness. Even if you have experience butchering livestock, you may still have difficulty cutting up to get maximum yield. A beef’s anatomy is completely different from either swine or lamb. Different cuts from other species are aged for different lengths of time. If you don’t have the right skill level to butcher your own animal and you try anyway, you risk ruining the meat as well as wasting much of it unnecessarily.

If you cut the animal the wrong way, along the grain, the resulting meat may be so tough as to be completely inedible. Why not leave the custom meat processing to us? No matter what type of livestock you raise, Cypress Valley Meat Company can turn your livestock into great products you and your family will enjoy. Meat Charts These meat charts for beef, pork, lamb and goat are a great resource to help you understand where various cuts of meat are located on the animal.