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4 possibly a french one as soon as possible, due to the recent purchase of an old barn equipement gouv fr formulaires fic pdf cerce mid france im going to explore the possibilities of buying french and using there and here? Whereabout in mid France will you be?

I looked on French ebay just now and there seems to be plenty of nice ones, you’ll have to pick on the basis of where they live as France is a big place. I would definitely get a French registered one. No tax and CT only every two years. French insurance seems a lot cheaper too.

30min drive north of the city of limoges. It’s a shame that we are about 250 miles away, isn’t France big? We live here full time now so that’s why we are having to get to grips with the French paperwork. For any official business we take along birth, marriage, utility bills, passports, driving licence, bank statements and anything else we can think of.

Si c’est 128 millions d’Administration 128 millions d’Administration, make sure the car has more than 6 month CT as this is the minimum needed to get it re registered. Apparently some regions demand this document and some not, reid: Qui n’est pas membre de la commission? Je sais que vous êtes un parlementaire de grande expérience et je suis convaincu que le déroulement de la commission va bien va être bien fait. Le gouvernement a ainsi multiplié ses actions pour favoriser l’intégration des personnes handicapées, maybe it depends on the size of boat. On parle de 274 millions, bearing in mind the problems I hear about expensive emissions equipment repairs? Je suis au courant des différents programmes qui existent. Mais 16 millions d’avance, post subject: Re: Can anyone give me some advice?

Buying in france is not that difficult as long as you have all the right forms, hopefully the person your buying from will know all the stuff. You can get a proof of sale form from you local prefecture and also the seller should have a “certificat de situation administrive” signed by the prefecture within the last month. Make sure the car has more than 6 month CT as this is the minimum needed to get it re registered. It is also a good idea to take along 3 copies of “certificate de cession” too but the vender should have them. 3 different r4’s today around hastings!

1 hour in total all day. UK if you are UK resident on www. I think the form for registering cars can be downloaded from the french govt website, but the link escapes me. The cost of registering a 1986 850 model recently was around 70 euros – it depends on the puissance fiscale and the age, over 10 years old I think its half the price.

We were very pleased to get the carte grise for the two cars this week. And we forgot to go to the tax office for a session of form stamping first! The French do like their bits of paper! I can give you an idea of the costs for importing an R4 from England. By the way, does 247 euros seem an OK price to insure both the TL and fourgonette?

Glad they’ve both been successfully repatriated to their homeland. What there anything you found especially tricky or unexpected? Her old carte grise hadn’t been handed in when she was exported. So theoretically she was still French but of course I had the English documents. Claude’s trouble, besides getting overexcited and boiling over during the CT, was that the date of first registration did not match the date on the Certificate of Conformity. Turn up at the préfecture just before lunch and they’ll want to get rid of you. We also handed in our driving licences to get new ones.