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If an attack is occurring, it is entered immediately after the Battle Step. The Damage Step restricts many cards and effects from being activated. Cards and effects that can be activated, below. There are five distinct timings within the Damage Step. The turn player declares they are entering the Damage Step. A face-down monster being attacked is NOT flipped at this time. Cards and effects that activate “at the start of the Damage Step”, such as “Neo-Spacian Grand Mole” or “Follow Wing”, can be activated.

At this point, if a face-down monster is being attacked, flip it face-up. Gemini Counter”, it will be immediately flipped face-up. If a monster is flipped face-up and it has a Continuous Effect, such as “Star Boy” or “Jinzo”, generally that effect is immediately applied. If the flipped monster has a Continuous Effect that destroys itself, such as “Giant Kozaky” or “Zombie Mammoth”, the monster is not destroyed at this time. Cards and effects that activate “before damage calculation”, such as “Drillroid” or “Performapal Barracuda”, can be activated. After both players have agreed that they have finished activating cards and effects in this part of the Damage Step, damage calculation is entered. Dark Artist” or “Skyscraper”, are applied immediately.

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