Handy recorder h4n manual pdf

User Guide Safety and Operation Precautions must be read before using the unit. 2013 ZOOM CORPORATION Copying or reproduction of this Handy recorder h4n manual pdf Guide in part or in whole without permission is prohibited. Attaching and detaching the LCD unit Attaching the LCD unit Align the LCD unit with the guide rail and push it in until it is attached. Page 7: Main Screen Main screen Level meters Timecode Remaining battery charge Status icon Monitoring volume Video quality setting LO CUT setting Audio quality Mic gain setting Navigation SCENE setting Input settings buttons Status icon Audio quality setting This shows the current operation This shows the audio format and bit status.

Page 8 Working with menus Use the menu to make detailed settings. Open the menu screen Press while the main screen is open. NOTE I f t h e L C D u n i t i s t u r n e d , t h e n a v i g a t i o n b u t t o n d i s p l a y w i l l change according to the positions of the unit operation buttons. Page 9 Working with menus to select a menu item.

Press to confirm a menu selection. Press to confirm a setting selection. Press to confirm a setting value. Page 10: Charging The Battery Charging the battery Turn the off. The Charging LED stays lit while the battery is charging. After charging completes, disconnect the cable from the USB power supply. Page 11: Setting The Time Setting the time When the date and time are set, the recorder can store accurate recording date and time information in files.

On the menu screen, select SETTING and press to select Set Date. Page 12 Formatting SD cards SD cards must be formatted by the for use with it. On the menu screen, select SETTING and press to select SD Format. Press The SD card will be formatted.

Page 13: Adjusting The Recording Level Adjusting the recording level You can adjust the recording level to suit the recording conditions. Adjusting the recording level manually Slide the GAIN switch to the MANUAL position. This turns automatic recording level adjustment off. Use the MANUAL GAIN switch to adjust the recording level. Page 14 Reducing noise Turn the low-cut filter on to reduce wind sounds and other noise.