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Please forward this error screen to 108. Creating the relationship you always wanted! When the short checkout process is completed you will receive an email containing horse sense book pdf link to your products which you are then free to access.

The whole process should take less than five minutes to complete. When the simple checkout procedure is completed you will be able to save the files to your hard disk. An email with a link to your purchases will also be sent to the address you supply. See below for more information about the products. For those of you who would prefer a printed version of these books please scroll down to the bottom of the page. Sometimes it is hard to overcome problems with equines, not impossible, just very hard. Whatever your chosen method of horsemanship these principles will help you to improve your skills as a horseman, solve problem behaviours and improve your relationships with horses, donkeys and mules.

The book contains sixteen core principles that allow you to reach your potential as a horseman. This book is not about being a horse trainer it is about becoming a horseman. If you love horses, donkeys and mules then the Horseman Within will be instrumental in helping you to reach a balanced, effective and honest relationship with your equine companions. By increasing your understanding of how your own behaviour and beliefs affect your horse you will enhance your ability as a horseman. These principles allow you to follow your own path and reach your own destiny. Every chapter contains five steps to help you to fully develop each principle. This is not ABC of horse training, but rather a guide to helping your equines by increasing your skills and awareness of the principles of Horsemanship.

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These principles will increase your ability to shape behaviour, use positive reinforcement and improve your communication. Your patience will increase and you will learn to trust yourself and listen to your intuition. These principles will help you to think with an equine brain and thereby understand your horse’s world. Most importantly you will be able top enjoy your journey to horsemanship. Whatever your association with horses, whether you have an equine behaviour problem to overcome or if you just want to learn more and understand your horse better these 63 pages will improve the relationship you have with your horse forever. If you have ever wanted to understand your horse’s behaviour more fully and improve your ability to communicate with your horse, the Horseman Within is for you. The Elements of Horsemanship will help you to develop the relationship with your horse that you always wanted.

Unlike other training books The Elements of Horsemanship recognises the unique nature of both you and your horse, therefore it will not tell what to do and how you should behave with your horse. You are both unique individuals who need to learn understand each other. You cannot make a horse respect you, but you can only be the sort of person your horse will respect. You will learn not what to think but rather how to think. Whatever your method of training the Elements of Horsemanship will develop your equine relationship beyond recognition. This is a true example of learning how to think not what to think and it will benefit every equine relationship you ever have.