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Summary: demonstration of how to build Backbone. The more you write, the more you’landing the job you want pdf have to maintain later. I know it might sound like overkill in the beginning, but as we go along we’ll add more and more complexity, including Models, Subviews and Collections. And include these frameworks in the index.

TODO write some awesome JS code! This will change the order in which scripts and the rest of HTML are loaded, and impact performance in large files. This is not a good idea for a real development or production code. We’ll come back to the home function later to add more logic for creating and rendering of a View. JSON object as a parameter to it.

There are a multiple ways to proceed from now on, but the best practice is to use the el and template properties, which are magical, i. The template property has been assigned an Underscore. Here is what the full code for our Backbone. Here is the full code of the index. We should add some data to play around with, and to hydrate our views. Note: This mock dataset can be easily substituted by assigning REST API endpoints of your back-end to url properties in Backbone. This will allow users to go to index.

SOMENAME and expect to see some information about an apple. It’s exactly the same name as the one that we’ve used in route. For now, we just output the string representation of the JSON object in the browser. This is not user-friendly at all, but later we’ll improve it by using a list and subviews.

In a template, we want to display figure, img and figcaption tags with specific values. Right now, the render function is responsible for both loading the data and rendering it. We expect to see an image with a caption. It’s a detailed view of an item, which in this case is an apple. Event Binding In real life, getting data does not happen instantaneously, so let’s refactor our code to simulate it. It’s a good thing that we have event binding in Backbone.

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Without it, we’ll have to pass a function that renders HTML as a callback to the data loading function, to make sure that the rendering function is not executed before we have the actual data to display. It’s called each time we create an instance of an object, i. Great, we have our initialize function. Now we need to create a model which will represent a single apple and set up proper event listeners on the model. We’ll use two types of events, change and a custom event called spinner.

View object when event spinner has been fired. But what about the spinner, a GIF icon? Inside of it, we assign attributes of a selected model to our view’s model by using a model. The full code of the index. Subviews are Backbone Views that are created and used inside of another Backbone View. A use case of a Subview might include a row in a table, a list item in a list, a paragraph, a new line, etc.

We’ll refactor our home page to show a nice list of apples. This will be a representation of a single apple, a row in our list. The template is just a string with Undescore. The syntax for the binding event is covered in the previous section. Those events are smart enough to pass the information about the model to other objects: views and collections.

Refactoring At this point you are probably wondering what is the benefit of using the framework and still having multiple classes, objects and elements with different functionalities in one single file. The bigger your application is, the more pain there is in unorganized code base. Let’s write these scripts to include tags into our index. The names don’t have to follow the convention of dashes and dots, as long as it’s easy to tell what each file is supposed to do. The other files just have the code that corresponds to their filenames.