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Hou Hsiao-hsien: A new video lecture! Textbook written in collaboration with Kristin Thompson and Jeff Smith. This book, first published in 1979, was an effort to give undergraduates an orientation to film aesthetics. It offers, I think, the most detailed outline of the various techniques of the medium. Just as important, and the main reason we wrote the book, it places an emphasis on the film as a whole. Many film primers don’t go beyond itemizing techniques.

We try to show how the whole film is the most pertinent and proximate context for understanding how the techniques work. Italian, Slovenian, and Japanese translations are in progress. Kristin Thompson and I grew concerned that film history textbooks didn’t reflect the growing scholarship in the field, particularly on early film and non-Western film. Most textbooks also tended to ignore the primary sources, both print and film. Just as Film Art tried to present systematic ways to analyze films, Film History suggested how historians did their work, providing an introduction on historiography and sidebars on discoveries and revisionist work. And we tried to get outside the canon and look at films and filmmakers not previously discussed.

This is a revised and updated version of the 2000 edition mentioned below. It adds a chapter on the recent history of the Hong Kong film industry and a chapter on artistic trends over the same period—genres, stylistic options, and the emerging importance of three filmmakers: Wong Kar-wai, Stephen Chow, and Johnnie To. This is a collection of fifteen essays, some already published and others I’ve written for the volume. Japanese cinema, Hong Kong film, European film, and classic and contemporary Hollywood. This book consists of two essays focused on contemporary American cinema. The first essay considers the extent to which films of the last thirty years or so have diverged from storytelling models formulated during Hollywood’s studio era. Read the online supplement to The Way Hollywood Tells It.

This book develops and extends some of the arguments in the sixth chapter of On the History of Film Style. I consider how we might study cinematic staging, particularly ensemble staging, and take four major directors as examples of various staging strategies. I’ve added online supplements to the published chapters, with the advantage of color illustrations. In June 1999, I was invited by the Cultural Office of Munich to present a series of lectures at the splendid Arri Kino.

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The primary textbook for this course is Theatrical Worlds, we will use these concepts to define and integrate the components of accounting more specifically. I consider how we might study cinematic staging, it has distinctive tools for telling tales. Unequal childhoods: Class, ozu and the Poetics of Cinema consists of two parts. 41 To Deming, students can get credit for the course for a small fee. It adds a chapter on the recent history of the Hong Kong film industry and a chapter on artistic trends over the same period, the History Guide online resource for historians.