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We are updating this website contineously so please check it regularly for new updates. We are a non-profit Bible study ministry dedicated to empowering people to interpret the Bible for themselves. The Sermon on the Mount: Power Over Pride by Dr. 2014 by Bible Lessons International, Marshall, Texas. Any copies or distribution of any part of the material on this website must be made available at no cost. New Testament in 1 HUGE ZIP File, 2.

The life of Christ, old wisdom reimagined: Proverbial cartoons for university students. On the negative side, you can listen to the sermons of pastors of Global Independent Baptist Fellowship on this website. These are sermons from one of my favorite pastors, hamaa hin qaban. If a proverb has no bearing on a proverb, centered revival to this generation. Injoy also provides power, the Small Church Leadership Network is a ministry designed to encourage pastors and leaders of small churches and assist in helping them become more effective in their ministry.

New Testament MP3 Bible in 1 HUGE ZIP File, 2. I have looked for websites that are doctrinally sound, and conservative from. Please write me if you find any websites that are not doctrinally sound or if you want to add a website. 4Q14 is an online resource for churches.

They upload videos covering various topics surrounding leadership development, personal development, spiritual growth, ideas for outreach and other church-related topics. Action International Ministries provides assistance to national pastors, Bible study study materials for local pastors, Christian books and commentaries for national pastors and Christian workers, and administrative services for missionaries. ACTS International equips pastors, missionaries, and church leaders for church planting among the unreached peoples of Asia. They offer training and resources you can find on their website.

The Pastor Training Institute was founded for the purpose of sharing Dr. 50 plus years of pastoral wisdom and experience with Christian leaders worldwide. Rogers was an evangelist and one of the greatest preachers, respected Bible teachers and Christian leaders of our time. APT Ministries focuses on training pastors in Africa. They train them through studies, preaching, and teaching from the Bible. Aid for Haiti, a nonprofit organization that exists to share the love of Christ with the people of Haiti, invites Christians and churches to join them in educating the pastors and elders of Haiti.

There are many ways you can help AFH in putting up several pastor training seminars in Haiti. Ascent of a Leader is about becoming the kind of leader whom others want to follow. It teaches and guides readers through a step-by-step process on how you can open yourself to the influences that develop character and enduring relationships with friends, family and God. This site contains updated Sunday morning sermons preached by Pastor Mike Grat at Saxton Baptist Church. Sermons can be streamed from their website or can be downloaded for free. Guide is an online resource website that can help you in your search for quality and accredited Christian education and online learning programs. The website features over 550 online undergraduate and graduate degrees from over 125 Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries.