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Global Education Futures Global Education Futures Initiative is an international collaborative platform that brings together shapers and sherpas of global education to discuss and implement the necessary transformations of noemi paymal pedagogia 3000 pdf ecosystems for thrivable futures. Global Education Futures Initiative is an international collaborative platform that brings together shapers and sherpas of global education to discuss and implement the necessary transformations of educational ecosystems for thrivable futures.

In order to move there, we need to pay attention to those who could build those teams – to hosts, to facilitators, to the people who are going to actually effect and help these teams become effective. If the world is more fragile than ever, the growth of consciousness has to be an important value even if one sees the depth and breadth of unconsciousness. A global societal shift can and should only be achieved as a collective breakthrough of a critical mass of the human population that will learn and create new ways of proactive co-evolution within the eco-socio-techno-sphere. Education is about producing good effective world-improving people.

The end of education is to improve the world. 25 sectors of the economy, bringing over 2,500 Russian and international experts. This presentation summarizes the key findings of our first report. Who are we and why we do this Global Education Futures originated in 2008 from many discussions with Russian of educational innovators. What we believe in We believe that learning is our birthright and education is a fundamental human right.

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We believe that education should be learner-focused and human-centered. We believe in education that reconnects us with live interconnects with societies, and directs towards our desired and achievable futures. How we can collaborate We invite creatives, educators, visionaries, policy makers, and those dedicated to systemic educational change – to join the emerging global community of evolutionary learners and leaders that works to create educational ecosystems of the future. A number of maps for global educational innovator community have been created in recent years worldwide, with the purpose of strengthening collaboration between innovators and users of innovations worldwide. Our work at GEF indicates the need for disruptive scalable innovations that begin to shape educational systems of the future – lifelong learning ecosystems.

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