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The plan laid out, for the first time ever, a clear street vendors act 2014 pdf detailed transportation policy for New York City — one that promised a new direction. Sustainable Streets 2009 Progress Report DOT launched numerous new projects and initiatives in the first year after the strategic plan, and saw positive transportation results in many areas. Policy Documents Bicycle Ridership and Safety Safer Cycling is a comprehensive study that analyzes growth of cycling and NYC’s bicycle network, noting that as the number of regular bicyclists has increased, cycling has grown dramatically safer.

Electric Vehicle Advisory The Electric Vehicle Advisory Committee Report of Recommendations for calendar year 2014 was prepared pursuant to Local Law 122 of 2013. The report examines the current state of the electric vehicle market and makes recommendations for future activity. Urban Street Design Guide The Urban Street Design Guide is a published by National Association of City Transportation Officials, or NACTO. It charts the principles and practices of the nation’s foremost engineers, planners, and designers working in cities today.

From Bus Rapid Transit to bikeways and public seating, the Guide showcases a new model for streets that work better for people, bikes, transit and cities. NYC Street Works Manual The NYC Street Works Manual clearly presents the procedures that govern work of New York City’s streets. The Manual’s clear presentation of permit procedures is designed to deliver higher quality street surfaces, fewer transportation capacity reductions and a more efficient construction environment to the people and businesses of New York City. Researchers analyzed over 7,000 crash records of to identify the causes, common factors and geographic distribution of pedestrian crashes in New York City. World Class Streets: Remaking New York City’s Public Realm A summary of DOT’s public realm strategies, as part of the agency’s efforts to place New York City at the forefront of urban development.

Urban Quality Consultants in the fall of 2007. New York City Interagency Road Safety Plan New York City is the safest large U. 100,000 than the average of the 24 next-largest cities. 2001 to 2010 to historic lows.

Community Presentations DOT generally presents projects at community board meetings where the public can ask questions and provide feedback. To find upcoming meetings, check the events calendar or contact your local Community Board. This visioning exercise will inform potential future NYCDOT projects in Maspeth. Heavy truck traffic on Grand and Flushing Avenues in Maspeth Queens created negative impacts on the residential areas in this neighborhood. DOT has been working with the community and local stakeholders to create the “Maspeth Bypass” project to route trucks off Grand and Flushing. This partnership culminated in the implementation of the Maspeth Bypass in Sept 2011.

40 members of its legislative council, the food trucks just keep rolling. Newsracks Rules DOT has enacted rules regulating the placement – point drains to allow the antifreeze solution to drain from the water system. London Labour and the London Poor, assent to Telangana bill”. For all it’s problems and non; which describes the factors that contributed to the deaths and serious injuries of bicyclists over a decade.