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Check Out PBS Video Watch local and national programs from anywhere at anytime. Consulting services We are known for our holistic perspective. We cross boundaries with our clients to create value. Innovation is one of the most popular acts in business, but one of the hardest to pull off.

100 million in revenue, and two-thirds said their companies made innovation one of their top three priorities. Yet fewer than one-quarter believed that their companies were effective innovators. We did find companies that are great at innovation, and we don’t mean just iconic innovators such as Apple, Amazon. Many executive teams still treat innovation as a black box, the serendipitous achievement of a few gifted individuals. The disparity suggests that innovators rely on a systematic approach, not just on finding people who happen to be innovative. The first is a clear, specific innovation strategy, which includes setting goals and determining investment priorities in a way that captures both hearts and minds.

The second is an organization with a culture that nurtures innovation—an organization supported by the right people, processes and organizational structure. These capabilities are necessary for sustained innovation, but nearly all successful innovation relies on one essential ingredient that permeates all five. Most of us are more adept at one set of skills or the other. Many companies tend to separate creative activities from commercial ones. But it’s far more productive for companies to build integrated teams that bring together people with both orientations and skill sets. These teams can then work together from idea conception all the way to testing and scaling an innovation.