Water you turned into wine sheet music pdf

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KJV, alternate versions, Greek text with concordance, commentaries. For even as that which the servants put into the water-pots was turned into wine by the doing of the Lord, so in like manner also is what the clouds pour forth changed into wine by the doing of the same Lord. But we do not wonder at the latter, because it happens every year: it has lost its marvellousness by its constant recurrence. Now the six water-pots signify the six ages, which were not without prophecy. And those six periods, divided and separated as it were by joints, would be as empty vessels unless they were filled by Christ. Why did I say, the periods which would run fruit-lessly on, unless the Lord Jesus were preached in them ?

Christ must be understood in that whole prophecy. Christ, declaring openly in an assembly by a notable miracle that he has power over the nature of things to feed man’s body, leads the minds of all men to consider his spiritual and saving strength and power. The Feast of the Lord,” John 2:9,10, Charles H. Satan’s Banquet,” John 2:9,10, Charles H. Christ does not take away human society, but sanctifies it. Such was his facility in drawing his disciples at first, who were afterward to go through rougher ways.

Christ’s whole work only turns the water of earth into the wine of heaven. From The People’s New Testament, B. It is more than poignant that the mother of Jesus brackets his life, surrounds Jesus’ earthly ministry. She is at the beginning of his career and watches him die. The Wedding at Cana,””Marriage,” Frederick Buechner, Buechner Blog. Left Behind and Loving It, 2013.

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