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The table notes the year in which a records series is created with corresponding disposition dates based on retention requirements. Below are the most commonly used schedules. Eventually all of the State of New Jersey’s Records Retention Schedules will be available in an on-line database. This site is maintained by the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services. For an easy to print PDF version of this page, click here.

The purpose of the “Training Program for the Professional Food Service Sanitarian” is to provide an organized uniform approach for local health departments to use to train sanitarians new to the food service sanitation program. The program strives to develop the individual both technically as well as professionally. Local health departments have the complete authority and responsibility for training their staff and making certain that competent sanitarians are conducting the food service sanitation program. The local health department has the final decision as to the point in time by which the trainee is ready to perform. The training materials for the local health department trainer to use are available from MDA. In order for the trainee to receive a certificate, the trainee must be under the instruction of a recognized local health department trainer. MDA will qualify any trainer who has attended an MDA sponsored train-the-trainer seminar.

The trainer is the most important component of the program. Some local health departments may not have a qualified trainer. The training videos will be provided to any local health department upon request. However, the various tests will not be administered and a certificate of training will not be issued. The web-based format allows flexibility in making improvements and keeping the training program current. You are always free to add any modules that meet your needs.

It is our hope that this training program will have a positive and noticeable effect upon your department and the food service industry in your jurisdiction. Congratulations for choosing an exciting career in the food service sanitation program. Upon completion of your training program, you will become an important part of a worldwide team that works together to provide a safe and wholesome food supply. LHDs are primarily responsible for conducting annual inspections of over 37,000 food service and 6,500 temporary food service establishments. MDA provides support to LHDs in the form of training, consultation, and evaluation services to help LHDs meet the MPRs. MDA strives to promote program uniformity throughout the state, prints and distributes licensing materials, develops program policy, and is a technical center that helps local health departments and the food service industry solve problems. It is our hope that you will find the training upon which you are to embark both challenging and the beginning of your development as a professional.

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